About Calmwear

Why Choose CalmWear™ ?

CalmWear began as a project fuelled by frustration, and a strong will to help those with sensory issues thrive. 

We know that compression therapy works.

We know that constant pressure on the body will calm an overwhelmed sensory system, whether the cause is autism. anxiety, sensory processing, or anything else in which a person cannot function to their full capacity because they are constantly distracted by their sensory needs. 

But when we looked, we found .... nothing. And so began the frustration..

Weighted vest worked - but only for a short amount of time. What about the other 23 hours in a day?

Weighted blankets offered relief...but with same restrictions? What about during the day?

Why is there nothing available that will successfully manage the demands of an overstimulated sensory system ALL DAY?

So, we set out to make our own sensory compression wear, and we not only did, but we also made the BEST!

Along with Specialists, Engineers, and Professionals in the field of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, CalmWear™ was developed.

Based on studies into sensory compression, and the calming effects of a hug - real, or simulated - CalmWear was created as a way to provide the wearer with the calming effects of a deep pressure hug, 24 hrs a day!

What a tremendous difference this makes to those living with sensory needs.

CalmWear™ holds it's compression factor for longer than any competitors - a full 48 hours - before you will need to wash or change the garment. 

This is SO IMPORTANT to the success of compression wear as therapy. Other garments will stretch out after as early as 30 minutes, which creates more sensory chaos, and the opposite effect that is desired. CalmWear™ delivers calming therapy straight through the day and night. 

CalmWear™ is extremely breathable, and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear year round, under clothes and pjs, in ANY climate. It wicks away moisture and heat, so one will not overheat while wearing.

CalmWear's  ability to completely calm the sensory system down, and allow the wearer to focus and THRIVE,  continues to change the lives of those with sensory needs, worldwide. 

We are  proud of our product, and the solution it provides, and we are certain of your success when you purchase with us.

Be sure to order the perfect amount of compression for the intended wearer by simply comparing chest measurement to our sizing chart.

We look forward to having you join our CalmWear™ family!


Sizing Charts

We have already allowed for the correct amount of  sensory compression, so please use the exact chest measurement when deciding on size.

If your measurement is between two sizes, our recommendation is that you size down, although both will work. The reason we recommend sizing down, is that most individuals are craving the sensory input to feel calm, so slightly more snug is always a safe way to go. However, if the garment is for a growing child, you may want to choose the higher of the two sizes. 

 CalmWear needs to provide gentle sensory compression to the muscles to work effectively, so be sure to choose the size within these guidelines. 




CM Inches
0 46cm 18"
1 48cm 19"
2 52cm 20.5"
3 54cm 21"
4 56cm 22"
5 58cm 23"
6 60cm 23.5"
7 62cm 24.5"
8 64cm 25"
9 66cm 26"
10 68cm 26.5"
12 70cm 27.5"
14 74cm 29"
16 78cm 30.5"
18 82cm 31.5"





CM Inches
0 43cm 17"
1 45cm 17.5"
2 47cm 18.5"
3 49cm 19.5"
4 51cm 20"
5 53cm 21"
6 55cm 21.5"
7 57cm 22.5"
8 59cm 23"
9 61cm 23.5"
10 63cm 24.5"
12 65cm 25.5"
14 67cm 26.5"
16 72cm 28.5"
18 77cm 30.5"



Shoulder to Crotch
CM Inches CM Inches
2 52cm 20.5" 44cm 17.5"
3 54cm 21" 46cm 18"
4 56cm 22" 48cm 19"
5 58cm 23" 50cm 19.5"
6 60cm 23.5" 52cm 20.5"
7 62cm 24.5" 54cm 21"
8 64cm 25" 56cm 22"
9 66cm 26" 58cm 23"
10 68cm 27" 62cm 24.5"
12 72cm 28.5" 66cm 26"
14 76cm 30" 72cm 28.5"



(Please note: For women, the chest is measured under the bust )



CM Inches
XXS 80cm 31.5"
XS 84cm 33"
S 90cm 35.5"
M 96cm 38"
L 102cm 40"
XL 108cm 42.5"
2XL 114cm 45"
3XL 120cm 47"
4XL 126cm 49.5"





CM Inches
XS 84cm 33"
S 88cm 35"
M 92cm 36.5"
L 97cm 38"
XL 102cm 40"
2XL 107cm 42"